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Phil Donahue Exposes the Obvious Propaganda Commonly Found in Conservative Corporate Media

Reflecting way back to a video I remember watching several years ago, below is a video of Phil Donahue as a guest speaker at Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News:

After a major transformation of my progressive views during the last few months of my 2016 deployment in the military, I suddenly realized how much more truth came out of Phil Donahue. I always agreed with his position in that video clip years ago, but watching this again got me thinking about a lot of things that make it worthwhile to write a thorough blog post for that one video.

O’Reilly’s propaganda starts off rather poorly by falsifying Cindy Sheehan’s anti-war activism as if she is some crazy person. Being radical can mean the advocation of political and social change. So, what’s wrong with that? O’Reilly tries to smear some of Sheehan’s “radical” views on the following facts that actually reflect reality:

  • the oppressive Israeli government’s occupation of Palestine
  • the violent American government’s foreign policy responsible for killing innocent civilians in the Middle East

Phil Donahue is later introduced as one of the few legitimate journalists who supports Cindy Sheehan’s dissent, and he calls out O’Reilly from the start for marginalizing a woman who lost her child in the Iraq war.