General Mattis’ Plan to Shift the Military Towards Hypermasculine Authoritarianism or: Less Humanitarianism

I read some of the most disgusting short pieces of writing from World News Politics where the writer briefly describes how General Mattis, Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense, is shifting our military to the far right with his destructive plans:

The former Marine only has one concern in his life. He wants to make the US military the biggest most lethal group in the world. It’s a good time to ruin the world’s bad guys and General Mattis is the person to do it.

While the writer (M.L.) may be aware of the fact that the United States military is the biggest in the world given that half of our taxes are wasted to support its oppressive activities around the world, he seems conveniently indoctrinated into this false idea that there are good guys (our American government) and bad guys (terrorists). It’s important to know where these so-called bad guys came from. Killing them is not going to make things better. More will prop up. Let us not forget that part of the reason why terrorism is on the rise is due to our foreign policy, and our American government has played a hand in funding those same terrorists for decades.


More coming soon.



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