Coverage of Dr. Jill Stein’s Recount Reveals Evidence that Readers and Mainstream Media Lack Critical Media Literacy

It is clear that the illiterate readers in desperate need for critical media literacy and the anti-intellectual mainstream media’s false narrative on covering Dr. Jill Stein’s recount case clearly shows that both lack the critical thinking necessary to perceive reality. Below, I want to make the reflective argument that it is very important to think and reflect with clarity in order to fully understand the intentions of a human being with reliable sources:

I want to start fresh with a reliable source that clearly identifies the intentions of Dr. Stein’s recount case on her website:

An epic battle is underway for a voting system we can trust – that is accurate, secure and just!

The goal is quite simple and a noble one at that. In order to investigate the unjustified votes completely ignored by the thousands like absentee ballots and potential sources of human errors and hacking in poorly designed voting machines (even California agreed to ban such an imprecise process at counting votes), the best way to double-check this is a recount by hand. Anyone respecting the scientific process, rational thinking, or a country that is supposed to be practicing democracy should be in favor of having easy access to double-check your vote without the need to pay millions of dollars. Unfortunately, our corrupt politicians and lawyers opposed to this so-called scam feel the need to slow down Dr. Stein’s case with unjustified opposition that led to additional charges on top of the initial payment that should not even be a requirement in the first place. Recounts should be a right that can be verified with ease and it should not cost anything. It is clear the system needs to be changed.

Even the federal courts have chimed in to support the recount as a defense of the right to vote.

At least the federal courts are consciously aware of what a democracy is all about. Proof of this can be found in the inspirational act made by a federal judge versus the idiotic Michigan Attorney General working for Trump:

In a dramatic midnight ruling issued Monday, federal judge Mark Goldsmith overrode the delays caused by frivolous lawsuits of Trump and his ally, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, granted our request to begin the recount in Michigan, saying:

“The fundamental right invoked by [the recount] — the right to vote, and to have that vote conducted fairly and counted accurately — is the bedrock of our Nation.”

We also scored a huge court victory Tuesday when the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld this same court order.

The neoconservative and neoliberal mainstream media and their ignorantly obedient readers tend to underestimate Dr. Stein. Let us not forget there is a multipurpose reason for the recount:

This recount is not just about counting the votes. We are fighting Trump and the Michigan GOP in a battle that goes to the very heart of the struggle for voting rights in communities of color.

There’s more reasons than that.

At stake are over 75,000 “undervotes” – ballots that are filled out except the vote for President – many of which are concentrated in communities of color in the Detroit area.

This unprecedented number of blank ballots may actually represent errors in the optical scanners that count the votes. According to a U.S. Civil Rights Commission report, voters of color are 900% more likely to have their votes misread or simply tossed out by human error or by badly maintained and poorly calibrated machines in underserved communities.

The malfunction of 87 decade-old optical scanner machines in Detroit on Election Day is an example of this Jim Crow-type injustice. These machine errors that lead to voter suppression are commonplace in underserved communities of color. But they can only be identified if we recount all the votes!

Trump and his pal Bill Schuette are doing everything in their power to prevent the recount from going forward, and examining the potential voter suppression.

An unfortunately sad reality we live in. This is 21st century racism, and this existed in the 2000 Presidential election (specifically the State of Florida) where communities of color have been unfairly suppressed their right to vote due to additional rules implemented in comparison to the white counterparts.

We are fighting multiple legal battles against Trump and his cronies in all three states:

  • In Pennsylvania, we are going to federal court to fight for a statewide recount on constitutional grounds, in the face of an outrageous $1.1 million bond that was imposed on the voters filing for a statewide recount. We are seeking an injunction for a hand recount and forensic analysis of the unaccountable, paperless touch-screen machines.
  • In Wisconsin, we are fighting for a hand count of paper ballots throughout the state – what a judge called the “gold standard” for verifying the vote – after Republican Governor Scott Walker’s henchmen on the Board of Elections tripled the cost of the recount, charging $2.4 million over the original estimate of $1.1 million (based on the last statewide recount).
  • In Michigan, we are fighting Trump and Schuette tooth and nail to make sure the hard-fought, hard-won right to vote is honored, and that the voices of the people in communities of color are heard and respected.

We must not back down from this fight.Donald Trump – and the entrenched, corrupt political establishment that backs him – is hell-bent on shutting down our fight for voting justice, making it as complicated and expensive as possible by using every legal trick in the book to try to stop us.  

The recount is a critical first step towards real democracy. We must also end voter suppression through voter ID laws and Interstate Crosscheck. We must have open debates to fully inform and empower voters. We must liberate our votes from fear through Ranked Choice Voting, which allows you to rank your choices and if your first choice loses, your vote is automatically reassigned to your second choice. We must abolish the Electoral College and move to a national popular vote.

With your help we can seize this historic moment to create a voting system we can trust, starting with counting every vote and making every vote count.

All this context must be quoted in order to clarify the obvious agenda Dr. Stein is trying to promote. She is fighting for our right to a better voting system. The funniest thing is Donald Trump was critical of the same voting system through his words, and here he is now showing his true colors through his actions. You know what they say about actions speak louder than words.

Election integrity experts have independently identified Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as states where “statistical anomalies” raised concerns. Our effort to recount votes in those states is not intended to help Hillary Clinton.

For those under the irrational impression (inspired by the false narrative of the mainstream media) that Dr. Stein is doing this to help Hillary Clinton win the election, then you clearly do not know the 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate. Not only that, you have not been paying any attention to what Dr. Stein promotes in her campaign. She has continuously demonstrated her opposition of the neoliberal and neoconservative Political Parties (Democrats and Republicans, respectively). Instead of siding with the illegal wars like the Iraq invasion and the funding of military weapons that led to disrespect for international law due to supporting Israel’s oppressive occupation of Palestine, Dr. Stein is on the side of real issues like human rights, social justice, climate change, free education and medical care. One of many proofs that reflect her values can be found in her choice of Vice Presidential Candidate Ajamu Baraka, a true advocate of human rights. Unlike the neofascist Donald Trump, Dr. Jill Stein’s actions do not conflict with her words.

Now that the core facts were established, let us critique the sources responsible for indoctrinating the public with a false narrative that misinterprets Dr. Stein’s agenda.

More coming soon.


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