The Misleading and Biased Misinformation of Memes

I am going to critique a few sample memes that mislead the public towards the truth:


According to the ignorant meme designers, President Bill Clinton, a so-called liberal from the Democratic Party, has been quoted indirectly with mixed statements into a single sentence. Now, this is not a problem for me. I thought this was the only creatively effective part of this meme design. The website known as TruthRevolt has posted an article attached with a video that demonstrates Clinton’s message as very similar to Donald Trump’s position, so the creative part of this meme is justified in that regard. However, the vital part of the bias behind this meme is the conclusive reaction to each person’s quote by, I would assume, any so-called liberals (Democrats) or the media siding with the Democratic Party.

Before I analyze, let me straighten out that the United States mainstream media like Fox News and conservative radio have been indoctrinating and manufacturing repetitive ideas to the public on so-called negative and horrible words like liberal and socialist. If an educated person was to look up those words on the dictionary, and with a little bit of research, the word liberal is not a negative ideology. It is a powerful, more empowering ideology to explore that will help one be more concerned about human rights and social justice. Bill Clinton, as well as almost every major Democrat, is not a true liberal. Hillary Clinton is not a liberal. Barack Hussein Obama is not a liberal. These people are part of an ideology that I call neoliberalism. In general, Democrats are full of neoliberals. Republicans are full of neoconservatives. Trump, on the other hand, is a neofascist. Moving on to the meme.

Let us assume the meme is correct in saying that Clinton received applause after saying such a statement that leaves any skeptic demanding further questioning behind his neoliberal views. This applause, I assume, comes from the audience listening to him. If we are talking about the mainstream media applauding him, then so be it. The biased so-called liberal news media applauded him. Moving on to Donald Trump, he said the same conclusive message, but let us also include his xenophobic ideas about discriminating Muslims and Middle Eastern people. His ignorant audience also applauded him for such hateful speech, and we can use the same neoliberal news media that reacted to call his remarks racist (or the meme). Neoconservative news outlets and radio may also applaud Trump for making such remarks, so I do not understand what the meme is getting at. Sure, the media of the Democratic Party are calling him out because he is not on their side, but the criticism is actually legitimate.

Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump is a racist, xenophobic and sexist neofascist. His campaign and life outside of politics have demonstrated this as true. I am saying this as a man who calls things for what they are. I speak the truth to power. I am not saying these things as a Democrat. My political affiliation is not of the either of the two major Parties. I have supported the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. My conclusion is that this meme proves misleading. Reality is more complicated than this. Both men have received applause…to their so-called liberal and conservative audience. In the simplified anti-intellectual reality of American politics, there are only two sides to root for. Funny, American politics is like a typical American football game.


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