Dr. Jill Stein’s Response After Donald Trump Won the Election

An article from Al Jazeera posted a written and video interview of Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein.

US Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says the 2016 US election “lifted the curtain on what an incredibly toxic and predatory political system the US has,” and warned that whichever candidate wins there will be “trouble in the White House”.

Dr. Stein speaks the truth to power here. This election between the two major political parties have clearly exposed how ugly and corrupt our political system is through the eyes of social media coverage. She continues,

“Coming out of this election, whether it’s Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House, we need a politics of integrity going forward, a political party that is of, by, and for the people, one that can stand up for the future we need, combat climate change, help students by making higher education free, provide healthcare as a human right, and end these catastrophic wars for oil that are making us less safe and bankrupting our economy.” 

Stein said she expected a “continuing rise for the Green Party”.

Watch the video interview. Dr. Stein’s campaign has been focused on the major issues the other political parties failed to mention, and she argues that the Green Party is the answer towards a better democracy for the United States of America.

When asked if a vote for her along with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson could have swayed the election in Trump’s favour, Stein responded by saying that Clinton had “failed” to win the Green Party over.

“The solution to a compromised and sick democracy is not less democracy, we need more voices and choices, we need ranked choice voting so that you’re not confined to two toxic parties and two predatory candidates that the American public dislikes and distrusts.

“The moment we create ranked choice voting we will have a multi-party democracy … Otherwise we will continue to have a hijacked predatory system that serves the economic elite.”

Included in combination with the video interview, this is Dr. Jill Stein’s way of speaking against people who keep accusing Green Party voters that their active support towards the Third Party is a wasted vote. Or, practicing their right to vote with their conscience instead of voting for who they hate less is a bad move.

Dr. Stein is on point for saying less democracy is not the way to improve our already sick excuse for a democracy. She also brought up a very revolutionary idea on ranked choice voting, which I am 100% in favor of as a Green Party supporter. Unfortunately, the pathetic Governor Jerry Brown vetoed this to all voters. According to an article from SFGate, his reason is just as pathetic:

“In a time when we want to encourage more voter participation, we need to keep voting simple,” the governor said. “Ranked-choice voting is overly complicated and confusing. I believe it deprives voters of genuinely informed choice.”

What an excuse! Voter participation is already low enough as it is thanks to you Republicans and Democrats dominating the polls through biased politics and corporate media control.

Leno reacted with bewilderment. “Ranked-choice voting is very simple,” he said, and the point of his bill was “whether we, the state, should dictate to these general law cities how they should design their voting systems.”

There we go! I am sure it is very simple. Anybody can do it. Even me. To speak for the people of California, one of the most educated and progressive States in the country home to some of the finest universities, that they cannot handle a very positive expansion on voting that will help third parties get more votes is the same as insulting their level of intelligence.

Brown may have had other reasons for his veto.

Indeed. According to Dr. Jill Stein in the video interview, Jerry Brown is afraid for either of the two elite political parties dominating and controlling the people to have a system that may give them less votes. Watch the full Al Jazeera video interview.


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