The Most Underappreciated Films

This is a list of films I not only enjoy, but can make the case in challenging the unjustifiable views of mainstream critics and follows of those lacking critical media literacy. The criticisms I hear of these wonderful films have not convinced me at all:

  1. The Last Airbender
  2. Syriana
  3. Lady in the Water
  4. After Earth
  5. The Tree of Life
  6. The Happening
  7. Noah
  8. Snowden
  9. JFK
  10. Splice
  11. John Q
  12. The Visit
  13. Hulk
  14. Gravity
  15. Signs
  16. Pacific Rim
  17. Babe
  18. Interstellar
  19. Children of Men
  20. The Thin Red Line
  21. Where to Invade Next
  22. Crimson Peak
  23. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  24. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  25. The Dark Knight Rises
  26. Devil
  27. Twilight
  28. Michael Clayton
  29. The Lovely Bones
  30. The Village
  31. Inception
  32. The Passion of the Christ
  33. Mad Max: Fury Road
  34. Shakespeare in Love
  35. Born on the Fourth of July
  36. Pan’s Labyrinth
  37. The Prestige
  38. Spirited Away
  39. Clerks
  40. Doubt
  41. A Separation
  42. Fargo
  43. The Babadook
  44. The Beach
  45. The Fly
  46. The Lives of Others
  47. Platoon
  48. The Day After Tomorrow

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