Can Video Games Have Transformative Potential?

Is there more meaning to artistic  video games like Flower and Shadow of the Colossus? That is something I thought about after reading a book that makes the same strong argument with movies instead of games. However, movies and video games are quite similar. One is more interactive than the other, while the other has been around a lot longer.

Cinema can be a transformative experience in its own way, while the same can be applied for any other visual medium like gaming. The video game industry is getting more commonly popular like Hollywood or the film industry in general across the globe. So, I argue that video games have that transformative potential given its global influence (especially towards the youth and young adults).

Looking back, there have been select video games that prove to be just as cinematic and dominant than Hollywood films that share the formulaic ingredients. Popular games like Resident Evil 4 and the first three Uncharted games on the PlayStation 3 come to mind. After playing through these four games, I am automatically convinced that these stories can make great movies. Nowadays, video games have grown to become more sophisticated (or cinematic). Just like a movie. Given that scenario, if video games can feel like a blockbuster combined with interactivity, I feel this is going to have a transformative effect on the player depending on its content.

More coming soon!


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