Jak and Daxter

I enjoy video game platformers like Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, and so much more. Something has triggered my fascination in the first few hours of experiencing Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy for the first time. I immediately was hooked completely, and never wanted to stop playing the game. The one effective thing I noticed about this game in comparison to the best ones in the same genre is how seamlessly continuous and connected each of the worlds are. You never have to go to some menu full of worlds to explore as shown in any typical Super Mario game like Super Mario Galaxy. Instead, one world is connected to the other at an instant. Then, you push the start button to check your progress. In games like any Super Mario game, you feel the need to stop playing after completing maybe one or more levels. In Jak and Daxter, I never felt like stopping after completing the first few worlds.

This game is not perfect in executing gameplay against enemies, but it does have an excellent reward system. There are so many kinds of collections to achieve 100% completion, and that basically makes up for any shortcomings. Super Mario Galaxy only focused on mostly collecting stars and starbits. The animation is so beautifully fluid, I fell in love with the characters more than any Disney animated film. Best of all, every major collection earned (like the stars in any 3D Super Mario game), you are rewarded with multiple victory animations by Jak and his sidekick. This is so refreshing! The same can be said about losing all your health. There is a short cutscene with Daxter saying some extremely funny dialogue.


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